Rudi Nadler is a painter and a cyclist living in Tucson Arizona. He is married to Aimee Baker and they share their home with Malcolm the evil cat and Po the older and not so evil dog. When he's not painting or riding his fixed-gear bicycle he studies Tai Chi and Buddhism.

While his paintings have covered abstraction and cycling he's currently involved with paintings and drawing about cast-off objects.

"I became attracted to the tossed-off paper bags and other lost objects and even dead bodies that lay on the streets and alleys. What first drew me to the garbage and, in particular, the paper bags was that they once had a use, they once contained/had content. That sent my mind going, about bodies and perception of meaning. Imagine a word without meaning for instance, a shell without content. But here these things are empty because they carry nothing, and for me new and exciting because of this transition. They become invisible, garbage, and the poetry of life. I'm drawn to them because they remind me of the impermanence of things."